Friday, October 3, 2014

{Featured} Fawn Over Baby!

FWe were featured once more on! It is the cutest little blog run by a sweet lady by the name of Melissa! She has such an eye for all things beautiful and is an awesome crafter (check out her etsy shop here). 

Last month, she featured Issac+Yesenia's maternity shoot and I couldn't have been more excited! Despite how awesome this session was, the couple is even more awesome! We have become linked in the most unlikely of ways, our old dog Jackson. After we had made the decision that we could no longer take care of our dog in the way he deserved, they were actually searching for a new family pet, specifically a trained German Shepherd. It was amazing because our beautiful season with Jackson had ended and they were able to step in and take care of him better than we could have ever asked! Our families will always be linked because of this beautiful, loving dog and I would have it no other way.

Click over to Fawn Over Baby and take in their beautiful session, filled with so much love and anticipation for the addition of their little boy, Gio!

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