Thursday, June 13, 2013

{Throwback Thursday} Juan+Blandine Engagement

I don't know about you but I love Instagram! 
Something about being able to share bits and pieces from your everyday life through photos is just so inspiring and allows you to get as creative as you'd like. One of the things that I enjoy on Instagram is a theme everything Thursday called "Throwback Thursday" or "#tbt. It's a day where you are able to share old photos and remember old memories. SO, I'm bring that theme to this blog, on any given Thursday, I will be sharing my favorite shoots from the past that are not yet featured on this blog. 

My very first #tbt is from Juan+Blandine's engagement shoot in Winter Park. We started off at Casa Feliz, a beautiful house and grounds, having a great time along the way. After that, we began strolling through Winter Park, which is one of my favorite ways to do sessions. We went from climbing onto a hidden roof with a wall of beautiful flowers to having some fun on their scooter.
It was amazing! Check it out :-)